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The Flipping Infill Team

Dan Rorke


Connector. Optimizer. Value Creator. I am Dan Rorke.  I specialize in negotiations and business development.  I understand investments, new homes and dream homes.  I also understand people and my promise is to treat you and your family and friends like mine, with utmost care while always delivering an outstanding experience. I am licensed in commercial, residential, and rural real estate and property management. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Dan Munch


With many years experience in the London real estate field, I come fully equipped with every tool needed to succeed in selling and buying your home. I have the very best work ethic, and will go above and beyond to reach a successful conclusion to every aspect of real estate.

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Team up with the Flipping Infill Guys to make a happy home run

Dan Rorke
Daniel Munch

Home. There’s nothing sweeter. Nothing more precious. For most families, it’s either their paramount aspiration or their most prized asset. At the Flipping Infill Guys, our twin mantras are transparency and insight about the importance of property in people’s lives. We believe passionately the customers we serve are entitled to more than just a transactional hookup with realtors interested in little more than landing a commission. Our aim is to be a lifelong, generational real estate coach, leader, and mentor for families in Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray.

One facet of the market is “flipping”, realtor-speak for buying older properties, refreshing and refurbing them and then selling them on. Hence our Flipping Infill moniker. As a two-guy operation, we are nimble enough to spot opportunities bigger franchise-model with weighty back offices might miss. At the same time, we are acutely aware that flipping in the wrong hands can lead to sub-par outcomes through poorly-drafted sale contracts, and from low-quality materials and less than conscientious workmanship.

We two Dans behind the Flipping Infill Guys, Dan Rorke, and Daniel Munch, make these commitments. We are in a joint venture with our clients pledged to the highest ethical standards. We will exploit the latest data analytics on their behalf. A realtor who collects data but cannot interpret them to give fiduciary guidance is failing the public in a pivotal life transaction and is bringing the profession into disrepute as a result.

Dan Rorke sums it up like this:

“I want us to become the go-to realtor by building a business that gives back to clients through financial and educational learning, investment developments and estate planning. I want people to make better life decisions through real estate while bettering their position in life.”

With multiple properties, Dan has built his experience through real estate investing. His business partner Toronto-born Dan Munch started his real estate career in England, with many years experience in the diverse leasing market of Central London before moving to Edmonton in 2014.  We have a shared vision of the benefits of a data-rich future for our clients. We are adamant that the client’s welfare is our top priority. Flipping without flapping is our credo. We look forward eventually to forming a brokerage offering the full suite of property management, commercial, residential and rural real estate services.

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